Offer secure online whistleblowing

IntegrityLog is an easy online tool that allows safe, anonymous reporting of all potential ethical violations and wrongdoing.

Automatic peace of mind

IntegrityLog can automate whistleblowing for your company, save you time and ensure you comply, easily and securely. Everything is tailored to the requirements of your specific organisation.

Unique secure portal

You’ll receive your own unique url for whistleblowing, accessible for both employees and compliance. We’ll make sure the process is in line with local guidelines relating to personal data management, and you can choose whether Automatic Alerts (AA’s) are included.

Easy dashboard reporting

At every step, you can view a dashboard showing all unconfirmed, expiring and managed actions, so you always know where you are on any case. Download a report anytime to view useful company info relating to the number and type of alerts and how many are still being investigated, or are closed.

With the implementation of the EU Whistleblowing Directive, there is a pressing requirement to effectively protect your employees and company.


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