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IntegrityLog is an easy online tool that allows safe, anonymous reporting of all potential ethical violations and wrongdoing.

Automatic peace of mind- IntegrityLog

Automatic peace of mind

IntegrityLog can automate whistleblowing for your company, save you time and ensure you comply, easily and securely. Everything is tailored to the requirements of your specific organisation.

Reduce risks and Comply

Unique secure portal

You’ll receive your own unique url for whistleblowing, accessible for both employees and compliance. We’ll make sure the process is in line with local guidelines relating to personal data management, and you can choose whether Anonymous Alerts (AA’s) are included.

Easy dashboard reporting

Easy dashboard reporting

At every step, you can view a dashboard showing all unconfirmed, expiring and managed actions, so you always know where you are on any case. Download a report anytime to view useful company info relating to the number and type of alerts and how many are still being investigated, or are closed.

Set-up your own secure online whistleblowing environment in minutes.

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Collect only the data you need

You have complete control over the data fields in IntegrityLog. This means you can make the system fit perfectly with your company policy and the local legislation.

Selection Of Case Topic And Report For Whistleblowing - Mobile version

Protect your data and comply with GDPR

IntegrityLog follows all best practices to protect the privacy of whistleblowers. The platform is fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Identification and Reporting for Whistleblowers - IntegrityLog

Get ready for the EU Whistleblower Directive

  • Receive whistleblowing reports online 24/7
  • Track the progress of the investigation and the follow-up actions
  • Protect the anonymity of whistleblowers
  • Monitor all cases with the powerful dashboard

Monitor and Track All Cases With Powerful Dashboard

Customise the look and feel

IntegrityLog can be tailored to fit seamlessly with your company’s signature look. You can specify your own graphics and colours to deliver a smooth experience that inspires trust.

Customize Cases Report For Whistleblowing - Integritylog

Get a fully compliant whistleblowing solution


  • 24/7 online portal
  • Anonymous reporting
  • Reporting dashboards
  • Follow-up reports
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Premium onboarding support

  • On-boarding
  • Brand customisation
  • Security hand-over
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Set-up your own environment in minutes. And offer secure online whistleblowing to your organisation.

Interested? Request a demo or contact our team to find out more.
Interested? Request a demo or contact our team to find out more.

Frequently Asked Questions about whistleblowing systems

Are internal whistleblowing systems mandatory?

Yes, they became mandatory within the EU with the EU Whistleblowing Directive. The system should be comprised of confidential reporting channels, such as a web portal and a dedicated phone line.

What is the deadline for compliance with the EU Whistleblowing Directive?

All public and private organisations with 250 or more employees and municipalities serving more than 10,000 people must create an internal reporting system for whistleblowers by 17th December 2021. For public and private organisations with 50-249 employees, the deadline is 17th December 2023.

How should we handle reports?

Organisations may also decide to employ an independent ombuds function for this purpose. But they may also choose to appoint internal stakeholders to process the reports. In any case, the individual looking into the report should respond to the whistleblower with details of any actions to be taken and the reasons behind the decisions. The EU Whistleblowing Directive dictates that organisations must respond to internal disclosures within three months of receiving a report.

Should we allow anonymous reports?

In the EU, it depends on the country/countries you operate in. The directive states in Article 6 that it is up to each member state to decide whether organisations can accept anonymous reports in their jurisdictions. So, you should consult the local laws to know if anonymous reporting is allowed.

Can we use IntegrityLog with other reporting channels?

Yes, IntegrityLog can be paired with a telephone hotline, for example. Both of these internal reporting channels can complement each other. The whistleblowers that are worried about having their voice recognized can submit reports through IntegrityLog’s online portal.