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About the Whistleblowing Directive
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What is whistleblowing and how to comply

In December 2021, the European Union implemented the EU Whistleblowing Directive, which aims to enhance the protection of whistleblowers against retaliation. According to the directive, all companies and municipalities (50+ employees and 10,000+ inhabitants, respectively) must set up internal reporting channels, procedures and guidelines enabling employees to speak up about any wrongdoing or unethical conduct they have witnessed.

Who are whistleblowers?

Individuals who expose illegal activities (e.g. money laundering) or misconduct (e.g. harassment) within an organisation. The EU Whistleblowing Directive protects them from retaliation for speaking out.

How are cases reported?

Whistleblowers fill out a form to describe what happened. After that, the form is sent, anonymously or not, to the case manager (probably you or someone within your organisation).

How are cases managed?

After receiving a report, the case manager has to analyse it and respond within seven days. It may be necessary to take precautionary measures or notify the authorities to protect the whistleblower.

About the Whistleblowing Directive
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Purpose & features of the whistleblowing form

Employees visit a dedicated link to access the reporting form. The link will be available upon creating your company’s account. You may choose to share on the Intranet, via email or on your website. After completing the setup, you will have the following features available:

  • Anonymisation
    Enable whistleblowers to report cases anonymously
  • File uploads
    Allow whistleblowers to share relevant files with the case manager
  • Chat
    Enable whistleblowers to chat with the case manager
  • Audio uploads
    Allow whistleblowers to upload and share audio recordings
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You can specify your brand’s primary colour as well as the logo. While this is optional, we recommend doing it to enhance the employee experience and inspire trust.

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