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A positive company culture is essential to drive organisations towards sustainability in their operations. With an evolving ecosystem of legislation in place, the businesses best placed to remain compliant are those with a proactive approach to the way they train employees, develop relationships with the supply chain and implement procedures.

One such business is NTE Process, an Italian engineering company headquartered in Gorgonzola, Milan. The organisation employs 100 people and works across 13 sectors, performing business-to-business material handling services. Corporate sustainability manager Mariella Acernese says the company was looking to be more proactive and innovative in the way in which it dealt with market pressures such as compliance.

However, since 2020, it has taken a path towards achieving greater systemic sustainability, and one of the areas in which it looked to advance its corporate culture was in developing a whistleblowing policy.

What NTE Process needed

When looking to strengthen the company’s approach to the social strand of environmental, social and governance (ESG) matters, Mariella looked into developing an internal whistleblowing reporting channel. Although NTE Process was not within the scope of the EU Whistleblowing Directive or its Italian iteration, Decreto legislativo 10 marzo 2023, n. 24, it was felt that implementing such a facility was consistent with the company’s mission and commitment to its internal and external stakeholders.

With this intention, the business started seeking out a solution to help them create a reporting process that would work for accepting and investigating reports of wrongdoing from people working within the business as well as from those in the supply chain.

The solution

NTE Process was already aware of ComplyLog’s parent company Euronext as part of the ELITE network. As such, when carrying out a simple web search for a whistleblowing solution and finding IntegrityLog, Mariela felt that it was a trusted option, with a reputable company behind it.

Initially, NTE Process implemented the platform to receive internal reports, with the option of whistleblowers maintaining their anonymity if they wished. The company organised training sessions for employees to extol the benefits of IntegrityLog and to outline the procedure for reporting wrongdoing and other concerns. The next step was to make external personnel aware of the solution, too.

Over the following weeks and months, the company streamlined its procedure based on internal feedback as well as the new regulatory measures within Italy.

Benefits of IntegrityLog

Mariella Acernese reports that the company found IntegrityLog simple to implement, stating that it is “an easy platform to use for both the users and the compliance manager.” The business was impressed by how closely ComplyLog worked with them to help customise the whistleblowing tool for NTE Process’s unique requirements.

This included prompt feedback on issues raised during onboarding and helping the firm modify the set reporting topics to create presets that better reflected the kinds of issues that its stakeholders might encounter in a work environment.

Mariella found that, with ComplyLog, she could receive clear answers to her queries in a timely manner, which was a substantial benefit of the relationship between the companies.

In addition, Mariella said that she would recommend working with ComplyLog thanks to the company’s professionalism, communication and clarity.

Work with ComplyLog

As the EU Whistleblowing Directive is implemented by Member States across Europe, a robust and compliant internal whistleblowing reporting channel is essential. IntegrityLog allows for confidential and, if required, anonymous reporting, whilst still allowing investigating teams to interact with reporting persons to help them better understand the issues at hand. It is secure, accessible only by authorised personnel and compliant with all data-handling requirements under GDPR.

IntegrityLog can be used on any device, providing convenience to reporting persons and compliance professionals alike. It features a user-friendly dashboard for investigating teams that helps them keep track of cases and meet their deadlines.

Request a demo of IntegrityLog today.

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