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InsiderLog Migration FAQ

Here we gather answers to help you with questions that you may have related to the "end of life" of InsiderLog 1.0. If you cannot find the answer to your question(s) below, please reach out to us at

Questions about the migration

Why do we need to upgrade from InsiderLog 1.0?

It’s been five years since the introduction of InsiderLog 1.0. We believe that it is now necessary to upgrade the underlying technical infrastructure and application, to ensure a reliable and secure environment for the future.

Is this initiative related to Log4J?

No, InsiderLog 1.0 has already been patched to close any risk of exploit relating to Log4j. The work with InsiderLog 2.0 started years ago.

Is there any way for us to avoid this migration procedure?

The upgrade of the underlying infrastructure and application must be done. However, if you move to our SaaS service before the end-of-life date (31st of March) we will do the migration for you. If this is your intention, please let us know by responding to our email.

What does the new technical infrastructure look like?

Please download the PDF here for more information.

Will all application data be retained?

Yes, all user data and accounts will be preserved.

Our InsiderLog application is using our own email settings to send emails, will this be affected?

As every email environment is different, we don’t have the answer to this. Most commonly, the only thing that may need to be considered is that the server IP can change during this process (unless there is an elastic IP that is re-associated). If you are using our AWS SES service to send emails with InsiderLog through our domain, this is not affected. If you are not sure of your current setup, the current email settings can be reviewed by a main admin of InsiderLog, at the top of the settings page.

Can we do this migration even if we have open insider lists?

As this migration procedure comes with certain downtime, the best time to do it is when end-users are not expecting to use the service. However, there is no issue per se in proceeding with open insider lists.

I have reviewed the migration instructions but don’t feel comfortable proceeding. What to do?

Our technical team remains available to support you throughout the process if you have any questions. Please also note that we offer to do the migration procedure for you, as mentioned in the email. However, it is our recommendation that if you don’t feel comfortable doing this, you should not be managing the hosting environment of InsiderLog. Instead, we recommend our SaaS service where we bear the technical responsibility.

Will my InsiderLog URL address and access credentials change after the migration?

The URL of the login page does not change, however, old bookmarks need to be updated by going to the URL manually (e.g. Access credentials remain unchanged for all users.

What happens if I do not migrate until 31 March?

After the 30th of April, we will not provide any support or updates for InsiderLog 1.0.

Are there any cost or contract changes associated with the migration?

The migration is not associated with any costs, even if you get help from the ComplyLog team.

How long will the application be unavailable?

The downtime will depend on several factors but will mostly depend on how much data is stored on your server (the number of insider lists, insiders, and history logs). The expected downtime for most customers is a few hours at most. If you need to understand this in more detail, please coordinate with us and we can help you understand your specific case.

If something goes wrong, is there a rollback plan?

If you perform the migration yourself, it is important that you read the instructions carefully and follow them step-by-step. If something goes wrong during the migration, the server running InsiderLog 1.0 will not be affected (as it is only stopped and not terminated). In the event of an unexpected error, there is always the possibility to roll back and re-do the migration.

What are the new application features of InsiderLog 2.0?

  • Contact groups
  • Improved editor for email templates with increased formatting options and test function
  • Added admin option to save insider forms as complete or incomplete
  • Added option to turn off automatic reminders for specific insiders
  • Added option of sending custom email messages
  • Email history for PDMRs
  • Option to activate “Extended PDMR” list for individuals who should also be covered by closed period restrictions
  • Extended manual reminder functionality for all lists
  • Updated user-interface and more.

  • Can you support us with the migration if we do it ourselves?

    Yes. If you have any questions, please send them to