26/01/2021 - 09:00

InsiderLog announces ComplyLog rebrand

Dynamically growing cloud-based software company, InsiderLog AB, is today announcing its integration within a new portfolio brand, ComplyLog.

26 January 2021 – InsiderLog will continue at the core of the ComplyLog portfolio which will offer broader compliance-related solutions in the form of two new digital tools. This news follows the company’s rapid growth since launching at the end of 2016. Euronext became a majority shareholder in January 2018 and InsiderLog now boasts over 600 leading European companies as its customers.

The launch of ComplyLog is a milestone in the company’s journey. InsiderLog achieved rapid recent growth by taking a complex compliance problem – the insider list management required by the European Market Abuse Regulation (MAR) – and providing a simple solution. Compliance is a growing field that currently requires companies to spend significant time, just to stay ahead of all evolving regulations. ComplyLog will build upon this customer need, enabling companies to comply, with ease.

The new ComplyLog portfolio brand will initially comprise three digital compliance products:

  • InsiderLog will continue to offer expert automation of insider lists
  • New product, LiabilityLog, will digitise and streamline the liability registration process in line with the requirements of the Finnish Municipal Act (410/2015), which is likely to be extended across wider European markets
  • IntegrityLog, also new, will allow companies all over Europe to meet the requirements of the forthcoming Whistleblowing Protection Directive by offering secure, anonymous online whistleblowing


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