Disclaimer for Whistleblowers

Welcome to IntegrityLog!

IntegrityLog is a web-based tool that helps employers, organizations and companies (“Employer”) to handle internal whistleblowing matters (“Software”). The Software enables the Employer’s personnel, employees and other users (“you”) to anonymously blow the whistle, i.e. report information concerning perceived or actual wrongdoing (“Whistleblowing”).

Please note that the Software does not constitute any recommendation and/or instruction with respect to any applicable laws, regulations and/or recommendations applicable to Whistleblowing (“Whistleblowing Laws”). The Software is merely a tool utilized by the Employer to facilitate the handling of internal Whistleblowing matters.

Please contact your Employer if you have any questions regarding what information you should disclose in the Software, applicable Whistleblowing Laws and/or other questions relating to the use of the Software. For the personal information submitted by you, through or in connection with use of the Software, the Employer is the personal data controller why we refer any questions regarding processing activities connected to the Software to your Employer.